New Products:

Infrared filters available for TO-8 packages

• Germanium (Ge) AR coated both sides 3 – 5 microns.

• Silicon (Si) AR coated both sides 2 – 10 microns  (available with metallization for solder seal into cap).


Pulsable IR Source Model EVF-555X

HelioWorks, Inc. offers a unique pulsable black body infrared emitter in an industry standard TO-39 package with approximately 1.6 Watts Input power at a peak temperature of 700⁰C (973⁰K).

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IR Source Driver

Universal Photon Source (UPS) Driver

The Boston Electronics Universal Photon Source (UPS) Driver for IR emitters and light sources.

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Heat Sinks

Special heat sinks are used for IR emitters
Compatible Heat Sink Sockets™ are available from Andon Electronics.

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