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Creator of Innovative IR Sources and Infrared Emitters

Helioworks, Inc. began in 2003 with the development of a new class of incandescent infrared emitters or sources utilizing tungsten filaments and sapphire windows to provide enhanced emission in the near infrared. The product line rapidly expanded to include both steady state and pulsed infrared sources and lamps. The company was incorporated in 2006.

With over 30 years of experience with infrared technology and manufacturing,we pride ourselves in the highest quality and performance standards. Our staff is committed to finding a better way to meet your infrared requirements. Our products are available through these sales representatives.


There’s always a better way

Helioworks, Inc. manufactures a wide range of blackbody infrared sources primarily for the OEM market. Our products are used in near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas detectors for medical and industrial applications including CO, CO2, alcohol, hydrocarbon and other noxious gases, thermal reference calibration and many other applications.
Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy is a field encompassing many different types of instruments and measurement applications, including Non-dispersive (NDIR) Infrared Spectroscopy which utilizes a combination of filters and IR light sources to select a specific wavelength of light that is absorbed in passing through a cell containing a gas, e.g. CO2. Concentrations of the gas (s) can be determined with great accuracy. Another application is Fourier Transform (FTIR) Infrared Spectroscopy.

Pulsable and Steady State Infrared Sources

Infrared sources from Helioworks include PULSABLE sources utilizing Tungsten and Nichrome (NiCr) and STEADY STATE sources utilizing Kanthal and Tungsten filaments. All are constructed in industry standard TO-3, TO-5 and TO-8 sized packages with gold plated parabolic reflectors to enhance output in the near infrared. Additional products are being developed. We welcome your requests with specialized requirements to meet your needs.

Filament Technology

We have broad capability in the design and manufacture (including coil winding) of steady state and pulsable IR sources utilizing Kanthal, Tungsten and NiCr filaments. Helioworks has developed state-of-the-art incandescent infrared sources (patented) utilizing Tungsten filaments for high temperature, stable and long life operation. Pulsable versions feature large temperature modulation at elevated frequency.  More…

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